The choice of dress belts

The choice of dress belt should be dictated first by the shoe’s colour and then by the hue of the jacket and trouser. Avoid mixing leather colours such as a brown belt with a black shoe and vice versa. Generally, dress belts should be of an equal or darker shade than the suit.
A darker belt imparts a dressier look. The more the contrast between belt and trouser, the sportier the result. When well chosen, the colour of the dress belt minimises the transition at the waist without interrupting the linear flow of the coat and trousers. 
How to choose belt
Both the dress belt’s exterior and underside should be constructed of a fine-grained leather in a width varying from 1 1/4 inches to 1 1/2 inches. When buckled, its end should be long enough to finish through the trousers’ first belt loop without running past the second. Buckles should be simple in design, in either silver or gold, depending on the colour of the accompanying jewellery. A monogram, if desired, should be discreet and your own. 
Dress belts are distinguished either by the smooth, dulled surfaces of fine-grained leathers, such as pin seal or calfskin, or from the subtle luster cast from the luxurious skin. As usual, the Man is able to manage to turn the ordinary into a mini-portraiture of beauty and personal style. 

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